ODV startup problems on Mac OS X

Problem: ODV crashes on startup or shows the "Quick Installation" dialog and then crashes.

Solution: Open a Terminal window, change directory to <documents>/ODV (where <documents> stands for your Documents folder) and remove the ODV settings file by typing "rm .odv4_macx". Then run ODV again.



Installation problems on Mac OS X

Problem: "You cannot continue. There is nothing to install".


(1) terminate the installer

(2) open a Terminal window and issue these commands:

cd /Library/Receipts

rm -r odvmp*

(3) try the installation again by double-clicking on the

odvmp_..._macx.pkg file.



ODV crashes when exchanging collections between Intel and PowerPC Systems

Problem: Under rare circumstances ODV crashes when using a collection that was created on a system with different byte order (e.g., Intel vs. PowerPC).

Solution: Upgrade to ODV 3.3.2 or higher.



ODV 3.0.2 for Mac OS X

This version has a serious bug and should no longer be used.

Problem: Under rare circumstances ODV 3.0.2 for Mac X may corrupt your data collections and there is a potential danger of loosing data.

Solution: Download and install ODV 3.0.3 or higher for Mac X.