Oceanographic Datasets in ODV Format

eWOCE Electronic Atlas of WOCE Data
BATS Bottle DataBermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study Bottle Data
CARINA Bottle DataHydrographic, nutrient and internally consistent data of carbon system parameters (CARINA Group, 2009)
Coriolis CORA-3.4Coriolis Ocean Database for ReAnalysis - CORA-3.4 (6.2 Mio temperature and salinity profiles; 1990 - 2012)
GEOSECSGEOSECS Hydrographic and Tracer Data; 1972 - 1978
Global Alkalinity & TCO2Estimated alkalinity and total dissolved inorganic carbon (Goyet et al., 2000)
Global Transmissometer DatabaseTransmissometer and hydrographic data for the global ocean (W. D. Gardner, et al., 2003)
GLODAP v2.2020 Bottle DataHydrographic and carbon data for the global ocean (Olsen et al., 2020)
GLODAP Gridded DataHydrographic and carbon climatology for the global ocean (Key, R.M., et al., 2004)
HOT Bottle DataHawaii Ocean Time-series Bottle Data
Jenkins et al. Tritium-Helium Data CompilationGlobal oceanic database of tritium and helium isotope measurements (1952-2016)
LDEO Carbon DataGlobal pCO2 dataset containing more than 13.5 million stations (1957-2018) and Takahashi etal 2018 dataset of water column carbon parameters.
Martiny etal 2014 CNP DataParticulate organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus data in the global ocean (Martiny etal, 2014)
MedatlasIIHydrographic data for the Mediterranean and Black Sea (Medar Group, 2002)
MEOP-CTDMarine Mammals Temperature and Salinity Data 2004 - 2017 (MEOP Consortium, 2017)
Mixed Layer DepthsMonthly global mixed layer depths on 1°x1° grid (Monterey and Levitus, 1997)
PACIFICAPACIFic ocean Interior CArbon dataset containing >10,000 stations (1985 - 2010)
PHC 3.0Polar science center Hydrographic Climatology (PHC3.0, Steele et al., 2005)
Reid & MantylaGlobal collection of historical hydrographic and nutrient data (Reid & Mantyla)
SeaDataNet TS DataSeaDataNet regional temperature and salinity datasets.
SOCAT fCO2 DataGlobal fCO2 dataset containing 28.27 million surface water measurements (1957-2020).
Southern Ocean AtlasStandard depth profiles and gridded version of the Hydrographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean (Olbers et al., 1992)
World Ocean Atlas 2001Monthly, seasonal and annual hydrographic data from the U.S. NODC World Ocean Atlas 2001
World Ocean Atlas 2005Monthly, seasonal and annual hydrographic data from the U.S. NODC World Ocean Atlas 2005
World Ocean Atlas 2009Monthly, seasonal and annual hydrographic data from the U.S. NODC World Ocean Atlas 2009
World Ocean Atlas 2013Monthly, seasonal and annual 1x1 degree hydrographic data from the U.S. NODC World Ocean Atlas 2013
WOCE Global Hydrographic ClimatologyGlobal 0.5 x 0.5 degree gridded climatology of Gouretski and Koltermann (2004)