Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study Bottle Data

This page provides datasets for use with the Ocean Data View software. The datasets are platform-independent and can be used on any supported system (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X). To install a dataset, download the zipped data file to the base directory of your ODV data and unzip the file. During unzipping make sure you restore the directory structure stored in the zip-file (e.g., use "unzip <file-name>" or "pkunzip -d <file-name>", etc.). Open the data collection with Ocean Data View.


IMPORTANT NOTE: ODV 4.6 or later is required to use this data collection. Previous ODV versions will not work.

Data Availability

VariableAvailability [%]
Depth [m]100
Niskin Number100
Temperature IPTS-68 [degC]99
CTD Salinity [PSS-78]93
Salinity [PSS-78]27
Oxygen [umol/kg]28
Oxygen Fix Temp [degC]93
Oxy Anomaly [umol/kg]29
DIC [umol/kg]9
Alkalinity [uequiv]6
Nitrate+Nitrite [umol/kg]28
Nitrite [umol/kg]6
Phosphate [umol/kg]27
Silicate [umol/kg]28
Particulate Organic Carbon [ug/kg]15
Particulate Organic Nitrogen [ug/kg]15
Total Organic Carbon [umol/kg]12
Total Organic Nitrogen [umol/kg]9
Bacteria [cells*10^8/kg]12
Particulate Organic Phosphorus [umol/kg]4
Total Dissolved Phosphorus [nmol/kg]3
Low-Level Phosphorus [nmol/kg]3
Particulate Biogenic Silica [umol/kg]10
Particulate Lithogenic Silica [umol/kg]3
Prochlorococcus [cells/ml]5
Synechococcus [cells/ml]5
Picoeukaryotes [cells/ml]4
Nanoeukaryotes [cells/ml]3
Chlorophyll c3 [ng/kg]10
Chlorophyllide a [ng/kg]9
Chlorophyll c1 + c2 [ng/kg]10
Peridinin [ng/kg]10
19'- Butanoyloxyfucoxanthin [ng/kg]10
Fucoxanthin [ng/kg]10
19'- Hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin [ng/kg]10
Prasinoxanthin [ng/kg]10
Diadinoxanthin [ng/kg]10
Alloxanthin [ng/kg]10
Diatoxanthin [ng/kg]10
Zeaxanthin + Lutein [ng/kg]7
Chlorophyll b [ng/kg]10
Chlorophyll a [ng/kg]10
a+ß Carotene [ng/kg]10
Turner Chlorophyll a [ng/kg]8
Turner Phaeopigments [ng/kg]7
Lutein [ng/kg]5
Zeaxanthin [ng/kg]6
a-Carotene [ng/kg]3
b-Carotene [ng/kg]3