Coriolis CORA-3.4 Dataset

This page provides datasets for use with the Ocean Data View software. The datasets are platform-independent and can be used on any supported system (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X). To install a dataset, download the zipped data file to the base directory of your ODV data and unzip the file. During unzipping make sure you restore the directory structure as stored in the zip-file (e.g., use "unzip <file-name>" or "pkunzip -d <file-name>", etc.). Open the data collection with Ocean Data View. NOTE: Please note that this dataset is very large. Download size is 3.5 GB and the unzipped version occupies 10 GB of disk storage. Make sure you have a fast and stable Internet connection before starting the download. ODV 4.5.2 or later is required to use this data collection. Previous ODV versions may not work.

Users of this dataset are required to cite the following publication:

Cabanes Cecile, Grouazel Antoine, Von Schuckmann Karina, Hamon Mathieu, Turpin Victor, Coatanoan Christine, Paris F., Guinehut Stephanie, Boone C., Ferry N., De Boyer Montegut Clement, Carval Thierry, Reverdin Gilles, Pouliquen Sylvie, Le Traon Pierre-Yves (2013).The CORA dataset: validation and diagnostics of in-situ ocean temperature and salinity measurements. Ocean Science, 9(spec.issue), 1-18.

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Data Description

CORA3 Documentation

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Coriolis CORA3 Home Page

Data Availability

VariablesAvailability [%]
Pressure [decibar]100
Temperature [degrees_Celsius]98
Salinity [psu]46
Pressure (adj.) [decibar]58
Temperature (adj.) [degrees_Celsius]58
Salinity (adj.) [psu]11
Pressure (adj. error) [decibar]6
Temperature (adj. error) [degrees_Celsius]6
Salinity (adj. error) [psu]6