Geochemical Ocean Sections Program - GEOSECS

GEOSECS Hydrographic and Tracer Data

This page provides datasets for use with the Ocean Data View software. The datasets are platform-independent and can be used on any supported system (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X). To install a dataset, download the zipped data file to the base directory of your ODV data and unzip the file. During unzipping make sure you restore the directory structure as stored in the zip-file (e.g., use "unzip <file-name>" or "pkunzip -d <file-name>", etc.). Open the data collection with Ocean Data View.

NOTE: ODV 4.6.2 or later is required to use this data collection. Previous ODV versions may not work.


V2 (April 20 2015)

-- Reading error for Ra-226 {LDGO} from Niskin files corrected.

-- 1-sigma data errors and comment/footnotes integrated with respective data variable.

Data Availability

VariablesAvailability [%]
1: Depth [meters]99
2: Pressure [decibars]90
3: Temperature [celsius]95
4: Temperature, Precision100
5: Salinity [per mil]97
6: Salinity Precision100
7: Oxygen [micromoles/kilogram]59
8: Phosphate [micromoles/kilogram]58
9: Phosphate Precision100
10: Nitrate [micromoles/kilogram]58
11: Nitrate Precision100
12: Nitrite [micromoles/kilogram]31
13: Nitrite Precision100
14: Silicate [micromoles/kilogram]58
15: Silicate Precision100
16: Total CO2 [micromoles/kilogram]33
17: Alkalinity [microequivalents/kilogram]33
18: PH0
19: PH Precision100
20: GC CO2 [micromoles/kilogram]19
21: GC CO2 Quality Indicator-
22: Particulate Concentration {LDGO} [ug/kg]5
23: Particulate Concentration {WHOI} [ug/kg]9
24: Barium {LSU} [nm/kg]4
25: Barium {MIT} [nm/kg]3
26: Total Organic Carbon {OSU} [um/kg]7
27: Deuterium {SIO} [percent]1
28: Tritium {UM} [TU]14
29: delta 3He {MCM} [percent]4
30: delta 3He {SIO} [percent]5
31: delta 3He {WHOI} [percent]0
32: Helium {MCM} [cc/kg * 10**-5]3
33: Helium {SIO} [cc/kg * 10**-5]2
34: Helium {WHOI} [cc/kg * 10**-5]0
35: delta C-13 {UH} [per mil]11
36: delta C-13 {SIO} [per mil]0
37: Big Delta C-14 {UW} [per mil]4
38: Big Delta C-14 {UM} [per mil]7
39: delta O-18 (DIS O2) {UH} [per mil]3
40: delta O-18 {SIO} [per mil]3
41: Delta He/Ne {MCM} [percent]1
42: Delta He/Ne {SIO} [percent]2
43: Neon {MCM} [cc/kg * 10**-5]3
44: Neon {SIO} [cc/kg * 10**-5]2
45: Sr-90 {WHOI} [dpm/100kg]4
46: Cs-137 {WHOI} [dpm/100kg]4
47: Pb-210 SOL {SIO} [dpm/100kg]2
48: Pb-210 SOL {WHOI} [dpm/100kg]0
49: Pb-210 SOL {YALE} [dpm/100kg]1
50: Pb-210 TOT {SIO} [dpm/100kg]0
51: Pb-210 TOT {YALE} [dpm/100kg]0
52: Pb-210 PAR {SIO} [dpm/100kg]1
53: Pb-210 PAR {YALE} [dpm/100kg]0
54: Po-210 SOL {SIO} [dpm/100kg]0
55: Po-210 SOL {WHOI} [dpm/100kg]0
56: Po-210 SOL {YALE} [dpm/100kg]0
57: Po-210 PAR {SIO} [dpm/100kg]0
58: Ra-226 {LDGO} [dpm/100kg]2
59: Ra-226 {SIO} [dpm/100kg]5
60: Ra-226 {USC} [dpm/100kg]4
61: Ra-228 {LDGO} [dpm/100kg]2
62: Ra-228 {NOOW} [dpm/100kg]0
63: Th-228 {LDGO} [dpm/100kg]2
64: 239,240 Pu {WHOI} [dpm/100kg]3
65: Cast Number100
66: Bottle Number100
67: Sampler100